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Thursday, October 05, 2006

blowing you off to blow your mind

like the title says today (and yeah. i've noticed i've been saying that a lot lately) i am sort of going to blow you off today. but have no fear, it's with good reason. i am trying to cook something up to celebrate big post number 100. something that will blow your mind. (or at least something semi-cool). i am still taking requests/suggestions though, so send them along if you have them, as i am all ears. ok, i could blather on about my life, and school and work, but you aren't here for that, you're here for the tunes. so today there's an eclectic mix of stuff i've picked up along the way. consider it good material for the ongoing mixtape collection. as always, it's an eclectic mix of songs, but nothing too jarring. go nuts.

the pack - vans (diplo's vans 'til infinity remix) (via)
radiodread - karma police (feat. citizen cope)
lily allen - knock em out
mike doughty - bottom of a well