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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

today, part two (actually now today = yesterday)

so i had this all written and ready to go yesterday, and it just didn't happen. i hope you enjoyed the videos. but enough about that. here's the post:
and now for the music.
this showed up in my inbox yesterday (and from the looks of things, a lot of other mp3blogger's inboxes). like i've said before, sometimes this sort of thing ends with me wanting to plug my ears. but this time, not so much. in fact, i am going to strongly urge you to check this band out further...that is, if you enjoy feeling fresh like a good sleep, waking up to the first day of spring. yeah. take that all you pseudo-intellectual nonsensical metaphor laden blogs*. anyway, back on to the music, more specifically, the music of can joann. in all seriousnes though, i really like this band. and it isn't something i can put my finger on. they seem pretty awesome, and i hope that their live show translates well, because i would love to see them (if they would ever come to hamilton...)

after the seizure is gone
lady luck

and because i feel sort of bad about yesterday, here's that crazy ryan adams rap song (and here's my apparently obligatory "ha ha ha, balsa wood" comment on the whole thing):

look who got a website

*please note, i actually enjoy these blogs, i am just amused that an entire article was written on the matter.