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Thursday, August 31, 2006

it's almost the (long) weekend

i've got some tracks today that you might want to pop in your car stereo, just so that everyone else can know that you have good taste. there's really no thread tying anything together (although if you can find one, i'm all ears), they're just good songs. right. now. as for the lemonheads, well, evan dando and the crew will always have a special bit part in my heart, mostly leftover highschool memories, and mostly good ones. the teddybears amuse me. i have no idea why. and the rapture make me feel much cooler than i actual ever will be. so there you have it. go out and play.

the lemonheads - no backbone
teddybears - punk rocker (squeakeclean remix)
the rapture - whoo! alright yeah...uh huh

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

this one's for some people

first of all, i should say that, in a few days of rotation on my computer and ipod, these 3 songs have somehow become connected in my mind. i'm not sure if it's similar lyrical content (although i think i may be stretching it there), or if it's just that they fit together musically well, although i couldn't really see all three on tour together. regardless, this one's for some people.
let's start things off with the admission that i am probably the only person who is not a huge fan of alexisonfire who still owns some of their swag. and please understand, i have swag that NO ONE has. it's weird swag, and i am going to stop talking about it. that being said, i do like some of their stuff, and like at least half of the internet, i really liked what dallas green did solo. recently, i got a tip from my MOM that actually panned out. in case you didn't catch him on any of the concert dates this summer, wade (of alexisonfire) has a side project in the works. from the description i was given (again, by mom) ("less screaming, more quiet), i wasn't really sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. there's a subtle undertone of theatrics at play here that really suits his voice, and as we all know, i am a sucker for piano. (more on that later). secondly is a track that goes out to my brother (he of the sunny day real estate fan-ism) jeremy enigk is releasing a new solo album in a few months, and it seems to be a definite improvement from past efforts which seemed to draw all kind of criticism. take a listen and see for yourself.
finally, a new mountain goats track, from me to you. because it's good stuff. and you are my people.

black lungs - in memory
jeremy enigk - been here before
mountain goats - woke up new

and if all that wasn't enough, here's some news for michimi (she of the wheatgrass holding). from ben folds' myspace:

about the new release, 'supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp'.

it's very simple. we took the existing tracks that were done for the ep's, along with 'bitches ain't shit' and 'still' and threw them on an album for mainstream release.

and then

anyway, i'll be in the studio in october. i've got bits and pieces of songs, as i usually do by this time. and i just bought an assload of cheap synthesizers on ebay. i'm not sure i'll use them. haha. maybe the whole thing will be that. who the fuck knows... mainly, i'm just inspired right now.

so on that note, here's one of my favourite ben folds songs, just for you;

ben folds - there's always someone cooler than you

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The open-chord tuning saviors of alternative rock...

a few weeks ago i got an email that the 16 year old me would have wet her pants over. i was asked if i wanted to interview sebadoh. why? well, sebadoh iii has been re-released, and if you have no idea what i'm talking about, well, i'll throw in some tunes at the end of this whole thing so you can see what all the fuss is about. but if you're here to read the interview, you shouldn't really care so much about what i have to say, as what they have to say. so here it is:

so do the rest of the guys play the no doubt to lou's gwen stefani?
or are there no divas in sebadoh?

jason: We were democratic divas all.
eric: Please stop it! Side splitting laughter. We're all Divas! I mean Devo...

how weird is it to know that you've been the inspiration for many a highschool slacker's english presentation? (and how many have you actually seen?)

jason: I did now know this, and have seen none personally. I once did an analysis of Husker Du's "Lifeline" for a paper.
Then I dropped out of school.

eric: It's really weird, beyond strange actually. I haven't seen any of these slacker english presentations, hopefully i'll be invited to one in the near future.

j mascis got his love in with broken social scene and guests at the olympic island show recently. what new blogosphere darlings (if any) are you itching to play a show with?

jason: Deerhoof. I am lucky to be getting my wish soon as Fiery Furnaces (I am a member of the touring band) are doing shows with them in October

eric: WTF? Do we speak the same language? Where is Olympic Island and who are 'broken social scene' and why should i know or care? Blogosphere Darlings is my new band name. Thank You very much!

heard any good/dirty jokes lately?

jason: Q: Why are indie hipsters so bad at karate?
A: --Because they cant get past the white belt.

eric: Yes, at your expense and i'm not telling. Jokes on you. Ok, here's one I made up last September after flying into JFK during Hurricane Ophelia!

Q) What is the least favorite song in New Orleans right now?

A) Katrina & the Waves "Walking on Sunshine." Pretty funny, huh?

what's your most unbelievable story from the sub pop years?

jason: During our initial meeting with them, they made us a financial offer. And because we hesitated for a few seconds, they doubled it.

eric: Being pulled over by two state police cruisers in Austin, Minnesota with Lou driving and smoking pot and popping pseudo-ephydrine truckstop pills. The only thing that saved us was the a stack of Puncture (OR.) magazines with us on the front cover, from a color slide i mailed in. One of the troopers after seeing the zine asked for one and for me to autograph it for his daughter! This incident was after the very last show I played with Sebadoh, in Seattle. Jason and Lou drove non-stop to Northampton, in about 60 hours.

with this reissue, it's almost a given that anyone who cut their indie rawk teeth during the 90s will be falling overthemselves to
proclaim their longterm love for you guys. that being said, seeing as you don't have any songs taking centre stage on the oc, veronica mars or grey's anatomy, do you think the new, younger generation will adopt you as the saviours of independant music, or brush you aside because you aren't on the same label as deathcab? (for that matter, what's your take on popular teen shows being used to break indie bands these

jason: I can only hope that someone hears "III" and gets excited about it.
I dare not try to understand todays indie music scene, as it has evolved into something that seems nothing like it was when I was coming up.
What is accepted as "exciting" or "interesting" is totally off the charts of my personal asthetics.

eric: I liked being brushed aside and brushed. It feels good. I have never watched any of the television shows you mention. Is that how the growin babies of the 80's find out about new music?

being canadian, i have to ask what your favourite canadian tour
destination is

jason: Montreal. For the poutine and the architecture.

eric: I would like to sing accapella in the Labatt's beer factory after hours. No, really...I played a show in Vancouver with Sebadoh once. I've been to Toronto and Montreal, how about wherever Sasquatch is hanging out?, that's where I want to set up a show.

and finally, the question on everyone's mind, what are your top 5
albums right now?

Om - Variations on a theme
Flipper - Generic
Deerhoof - The Runners Four
Nashville West - Nashville West
Camp Creek Boys - Old Time String Band

eric: My record player's broken, I don't buy CD's. My next record, "Uncharted Waters," is my current favorite. Destined for release in September on Old Gold (Atlanta, Georgia) and Handmade (Oslo, Noway) Records.

so there it is. if you want to support eric go here, if you want to get to know jason better, go here, if you want to get the reissue, go here, and if you've been sitting on a couch for the past 20 years and think that there was no life before deathcab, take a listen to what sebadoh was doing when you were still in diapers:

the freed pig
gimme indie rock

the sebadoh site
the obligatory myspace link

Monday, August 28, 2006

brown baggin' it

seriously i forgot how awesomely fun it was to have to navigate myself in a new school setting. in all fairness though, i was very very lucky to go to such a small university, and it's looking as though college won't be all that bad. (i only made 3 wrong turns today, and my student ID does NOT make me look like a hunchbacked albino). however, it's going to take me awhile to get the hang of school and work and ydb, so please bear with me. posts will be as regular as possible (and yes, the sebadoh interview is indeed on it's way). until then, i will try to make up for the sporadic nature of the posts with sheer quantity (and i suppose i can throw a little quality in there too). so today i present the "brown baggin' it mixtape"...because i am too poor for cafeteria food.

red letter anthem - a true champion always...
viva voce - when planets collide
brazilian girls - jique
the goddamn doo wop band - talk too much
junior boys - in the morning (remix)
deaf in the family (feat. scavone, badseed and pumpkinhead) - who are you
sonic youth - dirty boots (if you haven't figured it out by now, this is where the ydb name comes from)
cadence weapon - the gorilla is for sandracing
the 88 - coming home
devotchka - you love me

Friday, August 25, 2006

last welcome back, i promise

sorry, there was quite a bit of catching up to do, which has meant that this week has probably seemed like reheated leftovers to a lot of you. work is winding down, school is starting up, the weather is getting to that cool time of the year when i can wear shorts and hoodies and not feel either too hot or too cold. in other words, it is great. hopefully todays last post of catching up will put you in a good mood too. if not, well, that's your issue. you always have the option of pointing me in another direction if you prefer. man, i'm tired of talking. have a good weekend.

the marble index - same schools
peter bjorn & john - young folks (punks jump up special disco mix)
annuals - brother
cursive - dorothy at forty

Thursday, August 24, 2006

RE:mix (part deux)

to follow up from yesterday, here's some of the remixes that i didn't post yet that have found their way to me. again there's the age old question of whether the remix is better than the original, and i would have to say that, in at least a few of these cases, it is. at the very least, these remixes are interesting takes on songs that we've all either held close to our hearts for years or have been hearing on hyped up repeat for the better part of the summer. now, the most important question you'll have to ask yourself after giving these tracks a listen is this: does the rudebox remix make anyone else feel like an episode of cops is just around the corner?
finally, totally unrelated to music, but if anyone has any good laptop backpack recommendations, send them my way.

cobra starship - snakes on a plane (bring it) (juan mclean remix)
justin timberlake - sexy back (linus loves remix)
of montreal - disconnect the dots (mixel pixel remix)
robbie williams - rudebox (chicken lips malfunction remix)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ich bin back mixtape vol ?

so to officially say i'm back from vacation, here's a bunch of songs that have either been forwarded or recommended to me over the past little while...i will warn you, it's quite an eclectic mix, so don't be afraid if some of this doesn't make any sense to you. it's just stuff that i've listened to and put the good ol' ydb stamp of approval on. if you didn't learn anything from my 10 days of birthday mp3 brouhaha, then maybe this can be your tried and true intro as to what makes me tick. by no means is this the be all and end all to what i like to listen to, but it's a good jumping off point. there's some new stuff, some old stuff, some buzzy stuff, and i'm pretty sure that my inclusion of this particular mountain goats cover qualifies as nerdy stuff (explanation: i actually own the andrew lloyd webber greatest hits cassette). so, i'll stop blathering on semi-incoherently, and you can get to work on your ydb music appreciation 101 course.

jed and lucia - off the ground (their myspace)

snowden - anti anti (more info at the official site and more tracks at their myspace)

mountain goats - tell me on a sunday (the aforementioned nerdfest entry)

stevie wonder - we can work it out (if you don't realize this is a cover, you should be ashamed of yourself)

you say party! we say die!the gap (more info at the myspace listen is you like ninja high school or the go! team)

the beach boys - god only knows

kashmere stage band - shaft(read more about these guys here, if you know what's good for you)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i'm home. i was actually home late on sunday, but i spent yesterday pretending i was ready and willing to go back to work. as such, there was no post. half because my brain was still in vacation mode, and half because...well, pretty much the whole reason was because my brain was taking some time to catch up with reality. all this school business is a lot of work, but i suppose it will be worth it in the end, when i take over the world, one well planned party at a time. (look out mr. diddy, i'm comin' to getcha!).
on my trip i got to thinking about perfect airplane music. i think that junior boys pretty much take the cake (although i would be lying if i said i didn't listen to girl talk and mandy moore (obviously with michael stipe...)) then i came home to a bunch of emails (including one that sebadoh fans should get excited about), and found some more music that i wish i had on my trip. so here are some selections, in case you're heading anywhere by plane anytime soon. the junior boys got me through a 3 hour delay and plane switch in atlanta, and i suspect they (plus some chris price as well). there's something about moody (and yet subtly upbeat) electronic based music that suits airtravel. maybe it's our penchant for future living, maybe it's some sort of core need to feel plugged into the technology, or maybe it's just that it's good music, and that good music makes all the crap that comes along with travelling, just a little bit more tolerable. regardless. it's good stuff.

chris price - and she was
junior boys - so sleep
junior boys - in the morning

also, if you have ever had a question that you were itching to ask the members of sebadoh, i would suggest that you send your question along to me, pronto

Friday, August 18, 2006

the post you've all been waiting for...

...or maybe you have been waiting for Heather to get back and for things to go back to normal. Either way, you have no choice because Heather is away this week livin' it up in Florida with old people, and has bestowed upon me (Alisha) the honour of updating her blog while she is away. I also get to write a blog post of my own, which is exciting/stressful, because usually on my blog I don't use capital letters/correct punctuation or write coherantly most of the time. So this is a challenge for me and I might have to lay down afterwards.

Anyway, if you know me at all, which you probably don't, you would would know that I collect girl bands like your grandma collects decorative spoons. Meaning, I have lots and lots of girl bands in my music collection. And if you make fun of me for it I will wait until you go home and then I will sit in my rocking chair and cry to myself and curse the day you were born and maybe throw my slipper against the wall in frustration. So anyway, I was trying to think of some sort of theme that I could use to guide me, but I couldn't come up with anything that had any meaning, so I decided that my theme would be Spanish/Portugese girl bands. I want to apologize in advance for insulting your culture if these bands that I am posting don't actually sing in either of those languages or anything even remotely close to those languages. It's quite possible they do not and I am a fool (note: very possible), so please don't take it personally.

Either way these bands are AWESOME TO THE MAX so just ignore me and listen to them. I've already rambled on long enough so just listen to the bands and chair dance a little and call your grandma to say hi because she misses you. And don't cry because Heather will be home soon.

Cansei de Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Sex
Pauline en la Playa - Lo que mejor se ma da
Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser - Miedo
Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tabaco (A-Trak Remix)
Vanexxa - Desheredada
Las Pulpas - Vaya Momento

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Out of this World

solar-systemthefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my good friend caleb. you may know him from LJ, you may not know him at all. but trust me, he can school your ass in, uh, school. (and music, obviously)

Lucky for me, an interesting linkage occurs between these bands (otherwise I'd just have to push these bands based on their broad range of amazing talent, and who really cares about that?)... from the opening lyrics of The Februarys' "Charismatica" ("parting the stars, parting the stars") to the title of The Spill Canvas's "Himerus and Eros" (the son of Aphrodite (goddess of love) and Ares (god of war), and personification of lust and desire in Greek mythology), to the artist 30 Seconds to Mars (Mars being the Roman mythological god of war, and the planet being the fourth from the Sun in our universe), a theme of astronomy/mythology becomes apparent. I don't plan on getting too far into my metaphorical and allegorical linkages between astronomy and mythology - Just listen to the tracks and let them speak for themselves.

The Februarys - Charismatica

The Spill Canvas - Himerus and Eros

30 Seconds to Mars
- Was it a Dream?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

little bro's big shot at fame

thefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my little brother (although he's taller than me now). like michimi, he hails from the westcoast.

(guess who is who in this picture)
this being my big shot at saying something that people will listen to Iwanted to highlight some bands and music that I like that don't really get the attention I think they deserve. Most of this music I just happened to come across randomly in weird situations. Take Song About an Angel for example. I first found out about Sunny Day Real Estate from their contribution to the Batman Forever Soundtrack (I kid you not). Since I liked the song (it's funny, but I can't even remember what it was now), and I was an impressionable youth, I bought a couple of their albums. It turned out that my failed attempt at being cool actually got me some music I really liked. This song I can only describe as an epic. It's a rather long song, but it kind of crashes down like waves.

sunny day real estate - song about an angel

This next song came about from a random search on the Internet. I had just found out the name for this music I liked, so I just put in a search and I found The Juliana Theory (unfortunately I recently discovered the band has called it quits ). This was one of the first songs I heard of theirs and I can identify with it as it seems to be about someone who has a friend who doesn't think before they act.

the juliana theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me Would You Stop?

The last song, I heard on The Zone (Victoria's answer to Toronto's The Edge). It didn't really get overplayed which was nice. Whomever is singing it seems so confused yet so self empowered.

straylight run - Existentialism on Prom Night

All Alone on the Beach
(yeah, that's right, it's me at the Pacific Ocean)

I hope these songs bring you some of the randomness they brought me. Perhaps you will go and look for some music like this and stumble upon some great music of your own....

Check out these links:

acts of kindness - wouldn't it be nice if everyone did
this kind of thing?

pandora - start here to look for random music you might

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hold the wheatgrass

thefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my college roommate, michimi. be nice, or she'll kick your ass

hold the wheatgrassI recently moved to Victoria, BC; land of flowers, tourists and everything British. The west coast is known for being green and mountainous. It’s also known for rain, methamphetamine addicts and Birkenstocks (guilty). In music, the west coast likes to lure me in with cutesy indie-pop acts with lots of clapping. Or hip-hop that makes me wanna shake my ass at random men. Actually, my music experience here in BC seems to primarily consist of me narrowly missing seeing my favorite acts live (I had to miss the spectacular Sasquatch Festival for starters). But I refuse to be defeated! And personally I’m not sure how anyone who lives here for any length of time could stay pessimistic for long. So here’s a sampling of west coast love from me to you:

Swollen MembersToo Hot
Imperial Teen - Ivanka
Lyrics BornCalling Out
Tegan & SaraTake Me Anywhere

…and in case you’re like me and can’t get enough of this guy:
Lyrics BornStop Complaining sorry, the mp3 has gone awol...i'm working to get it back asap

Monday, August 14, 2006

time machine, baby

i'm not really here right now. well, right now, while i'm typing this, i'm here. but while you're reading this? i am in the future. sort of. ok, it's late and i'm tired and i'm doing my own guest blog spot while i am on vacation with or without my timemachine.
anyway, all confusing attempts at jokes aside, i thought it would be appropriate to travel back in time to the mid 90s. a movie came out that blew me away. really, there was no good reason for it, except for the fact that somehow, i identified. maybe identified isn't the word, since i am not and have never been a horndog de-virginator who is unknowingly spreading HIV. mainly i think i just saw this movie at the right time in my life. plus, it had a killer soundtrack. the movie in question is kids, and love him or hate him, larry clark did good here. it's the kind of story that isn't hit you over the head moralistic--really, there's no lesson in it outside of maybe you should think about using a condom--but it does have a message. unfortunately, i think the message was lost on a lot of the "grown ups". basically, instead of them seeing their teenagers as young adults with real live adult problems and issues, it just seemed to serve as a reinforcement to all of their stereotypes about teens being shiftless and aimless.
but again, a killer soundtrack. let's get to that. first of all, the folk implosion song that everyone and their grandma knows, but it's still good, even now. then there's the always quirky yet catchy daniel johnson, the scare the shit out of you track from slint and one of the best songs that sebadoh released.

folk implosion - natural one
daniel johnson - casper the friendly ghost
slint - good morning captain
sebadoh - spoiled

buy the soundtrack

and just for shits and giggles, here's 2 more folk implosion songs, that you probably maybe haven't heard...from the take a look inside:

slap me
shake a little heaven

Friday, August 11, 2006

covering my ass

today's post will be short on words and medium length on music. it will be huge on me telling you that i am going on vacation tomorrow. but don't fret, loyal ydb readers, i have some wonderful guest bloggers filling in for me. now, i have to go take all of my shampoo, shaving gel, water bottles and tylenol gel caps out of my carry on, so i'm just going to leave with something near and dear to my heart: a selection of covers, just for you!

self - what a fool believes doobie brothers
the donnas - drive my car beatles
franz ferdinand - what you waiting for? gwen stefani
tv on the radio - mr. grieves pixies
death cab for cutie - sick of myself matthew sweet
ted leo and the pharmacists - since u been gone/maps kelly clarkson/yeah yeah yeahs
the go! team - bull in the heather sonic youth
cassettes won't listen - cut your hair pavement

Thursday, August 10, 2006

planning to wear a sackcloth

it would appear that bringing toothpaste on the plane when i go to florida will not be allowed. that's ok, i wasn't planning on joining the mile high brush club anyway. and to start things off cheekily, here's an old favourite just perfect for the day:

basement jaxx - red alert

now moving on. like most of you, i spend time at various aggregators throughout my day, and usually i have a clue about the bands and songs that are getting a lot of play. however, i apparently slept through the day in music snob school where we learned about silversun pickups. at first (clearly before i listened to anything), i was apprehensive...people were practically gushing. but they must have put some aural crack in them there songs, because i find myself agreeing with the assessments of awesomeness. see if it works on you too (maybe we're all doing the listening equivalent of drinking koolaid, but i think you'll like the taste regardless).

silversun pickups - lazy eye

then there's the seemingly at times ubiquotous diplo's "remix" of everyone's favourite gnarls barkley earworm. like the golddigger remix, this isn't so much a remix as a stripping down/reimagining. but that's what makes it so good. it's also super short, so if you like your music like that, this will work out for you.

diplo - crazy duda

finally, because the pitchfork review was so flattering (although not really all that surprisingly so), i thought i would throw up that track from the new junior boys album.

junior boys - in the morning

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

none of these things have ANYTHING to do with the other

the title pretty much says it all today. there is no theme. there is no vague string tying it all together. it's just stuff that has either found it's way to my inbox or my ipod, and it's stuff i think you need to hear.
i'll ease you into it with something that should sound familiar. (if not, either you don't watch tv, or you have commercial induced fits of tv remote ADD). from the band teddybears, whose album Soft Machine will be released on september 12th. good time music. indeed. (and yes, if you feel the urge to crack open a heine, we're right there with you)

teddybears - cobrastyle (feat. mad cobra)

next is an inbox submission. normally i would sit on things like this and think for awhile about when and how to post about them. but for all the references and namechecks on their myspace, bel auburn makes me think of the heady days towards the end of highschool when shoegazer pop was all the rage. these guys are about one phaser pedal away from being a more melodic and uptempo sianspheric (and believe you me, that can't be a bad thing). they have an album coming out next week (august 14th to be exact), and while i will be spending my days on the beach that week, surrounded by the elderly, i have a feeling this track will be getting some decent rotation on the ipod.

bel auburn - metropolitan (watercolor)

(ps, there are more mp3s here, but remember, if you like what you hear, support the band...especially since these guys are doing it all themselves)

finally, comes (no pun intended) one of my guilty musical pleasures. robbie williams, no matter how cocky the man gets. no matter how big a head he gets. no matter how ridiculously tongue in cheek the lyrics are...i think he still manages to pull off what justin timberlake is trying to do with sexy back, except that to robbie, the whole thing is a joke, because the sexy never left to begin with. give it a try.

robbie williams - rudebox

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

keep it on the DL (not THAT way)

so let's just not to get into it, but i think this week, my posts will be short on talk. (not that anyone's here for the reading: mp3's are like porn, and i know that none of you are here for the articles...sadly, i can't get away with wearing my pyjamas all day, but other than that, i'm practically hef).
anyway, here are 3 tracks today that are full of hype, and for once, it seems pretty warranted (except the pharrell track, i don't know that it got nearly as much hype as your average hip hop album, but seeing as this track features kanye, i think i have a natural inclination to think that it must have been hyped to death as the second coming).
regardless, if you haven't yet heard these songs, today's your lucky day. get 'em while they're hot.

the rapture - get myself into it
pharrell (feat. kanye west) - number one
beck - cell phone's dead

Monday, August 07, 2006


(it's a holiday here in canada, so i've been doing pretty much nothing all day, sorry for the lateness of the post)
often times remixes seem to be either blow-your-mind-awesome or well-that-happened-boring. (unless they are trainwreck style awful, in which case, who doesn't like to listen to a song go all types of tom cruise crazy bad sometimes?) but then there are some songs that get remixed to death, and there are others that seem to want to be remixed from the get go. there are some that are better than the originals, and there are even some that replace the originals. but how does this happen? i mean, we know why the grey album happened, and girl talk is a whole other debate for a whole other day. but what i want to know is, what makes a remix good, and what makes it crap? i have a whole set of wordless criteria in my own head (mainly revolving around the idea of "would this be something i would dance to if i were drunk?", but there's more to it than that). so here's a selection of remixes. you listen, and then tell me which ones you like the best...and if you can put words to it, why. i know the ydb readers are more of the wallflower type, but i will try to find some sort of prize for people that comment and take part in the poll.

ratatat - wildcat (e vax remix)
peaches - downtown (simian mobile disco remix)
jamie lidell - multiply (herbert's hoedown bump)
dfa1979 (r.i.p.) - blood on our hands (chromeo remix)

Friday, August 04, 2006

grab bag

as the title would imply, today is sort of a mixed bag. (mostly because i need to run around and do things before i have to go to work, but also because having a coherent theme every day is hard work). first of all, from the mailbags. i have to admit that i am inclined to like juiceboxxx before i even hear a single bar of music from him, based solely on the fact that his vicious pop records album is called r u there god?? itz me, juiceboxxx. luckily, listening to it, i'm not disappointed. seeing as i have been listening to a lot of ninja highschool and girl talk lately, this track fits in nicely:

juiceboxx - thunder jam #3

next up there's the new track (via pitchfork) from local heroes junior boys. i have to admit, it took me two full listens to get into it, but i really like it. again, i think it would fit into my current playlist nicely, albeit during the evening drive home portion.

junior boys - in the morning

next...well, i have to apologize. for the amount of time i spent in michigan between the ages of 10 and 17, you would think i would have more of a finger of the states musical pulse. sadly, i don't. but i'm working on it, and to that end, here's tally hall. you have have seen them on the late late show with craig ferguson earlier this week. and if you did, you either thought a)they were really good, b)they were sort of weird, but still good c) hey! they're all wearing ties, d) the ties are different colours e) this song is catchy or f) holy crap, who makes a list this long, just give us the song. ok. here is is.

tally hall - good day

and finally, if someone can tell me where i got this aaron lacrate remix of lily allen's smile that would be awesome. i'm still on the fence about how i feel about it...at times it seems like it's trying to hard, and then it sort of turns into a gaybar house anthem...i don't know. decide for yourselves.

lily allen - smile (gutter mix)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

she's free!

if you needed a reason to celebrate today, then get excited. why? because today's the day that lil' kim's house arrest comes to an end. In case you haven't read up on the whole "lil' kim in prison" thing, there's a decent article here, and there's always the wiki. (and if you want to see something hilarious, while only kind of related, go here and look at the second listing).
for as much as her theme to growing up gotti sounded like it was phoned in, she has still released some of the best female hip hop of the past 10 years. yes, she's trashy at times. yes, she may be setting some segment of the women's movement back a few decades. and yes, a lot of her lyrical content is decidedly crass. but at the end of the day, it's good music, and there's really no stopping her now. (and even deborah harry is a fan) so please, sit back and enjoy some lil' kim today.

deborah harry's tribute to lil' kim:
dirty and deep

from the naked truth album
lighters up
shut up bitch

the collaboration with missy, angie martinez, lisa "left eye" lopes, and da brat:
not tonight(remix

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hot DAMN

for the summer, i'm working at a pool. in case you haven't noticed, people tend to flock to these places when it gets hot out. the last few days, a lot of people have been a-flocking, and as such, i've been sweating. (because the ironic twist is that while all of these people are going swimming to cool off, the staff is working in sweltering conditions. i'm not complaining, understand, just pointing out the irony). so it should come then, as no surprise, that the hot weather and the heat are pretty much the only things on my mind as i try to soak up every last bit of central air before i head to work. please then, excuse the complete and total lack of creativity today, as i present to you: some songs that either have the word hot in their title, or were done by artists with the words hot and or heat in their names.
(i promise tomorrow to show more creativity, the temperature is supposed to drop considerably by then).
did i miss a hot song or artist? then you should probably let me know (and know that i intentionally left off snoop, foreigner and van halen...mostly because i thought le tigre and peaches might kick their asses)

sonic youth - hot wire my heart
peaches - hot rod
tiga - hot in herre
hot hot heat - bandages
le tigre - hot topic
the lovin' spoonfuls - summer in the city

not sure how i forgot to include this, but i did...


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

another hip hop mish mash

everyone's been discussing their feelings on the yet to be released dj shadow album (the outsider). there doesn't seem to be a consensus on anything, save the fact that it seems like a departure from his previous releases. well it is. i can jump on board with that assessment. but does that necessarily mean it's a bad thing? i'll give you a track from the new album, and a remix of a track from an earlier one. you decide if there's a significant change in quality...or just a significant change.
and then, since endtroducing played such a big part in my reawakening to my appreciation of hip hop in late highschool (after a steady diet of all indie rock, all the time), i decided to throw on another (remixed) track from a band that reminds me of highschool, and then, to keep up with the absurdity of the end of yesterday's post, a track from the band i saw (opening for wesley willis (RIP) no less), on the evening of Sept 11, 2001.

dj shadow (feat phonte) - backstage girl
dj shadow - the number song (cut chemist party mix)
jon spencer blues explosion - bellbottoms('old rascal mix' by u.n.k.l.e.)
grand buffet - candy bars