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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this one goes out to your mom

ok, a) $10 threadless sale (only until wednesday...HURRY YOUR ASS UP)
b) i am so over my head busy these days, it has ceased being merely funny and has moved into side splittingly hilarious territory.
c) this one doesn't really go out to your mom
d) however, this one does go out to the following people:
those of you who enjoy the ass shaking (both the partaking in and viewing of)
those of you who harass me for not going to barcode
those of you i harass for going to barcode
those of you who enjoy the JT
those of you who really wish they were in the gang
those of you are
e) your mom. yeah.

all listing aside, here's some stuff that i am either constantly hitting repeat on or in a constant state of wtf with. seriously. sound of music? what?
although it's gwen, so i think this is maybe going to be like hollaback girl, where it will be cool for 10 seconds, and then the backlash will come fast and furious. my advice? enjoy it now, before you hear it so many times you want to gauge out your eyes. (well, maybe more your ears...unless you can hear with your eyes...oh man i need a vacation)
yeah yeah...music.

(if you've sent me music in the past 2 weeks, i am not ignoring you, i am just currently a slave to the shackles of time...)

justin timberlake - my love (goulet's d-cup send up)
gwen stefani - wind it up
shareefa - cry no more
lady sovereign - love me or hate me (remix with missy elliot)

Monday, October 23, 2006

t shirt alert!

there's another super awesome $10 sale going on at threadless! act fast, it ends on wednesday!

no music today...

...but i think this should more than make up for it:


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

one of those days

jay and silent bob - fuck fuck song

...that is all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3841FFMAA (snap snap!)

this one goes out to all of us suffering through the midterms and other crap.
(snap snap.)
i wish there was some sort of box we could just put it all away in
(snap snap).
i'm so very very lonely
(snap snap)
and i wish that someone would just listen when i talk
(snap snap).
maybe if i talk more?
(snap snap)
i wish we had marketing this semester
(snap snap)
i could smoke you all
(snap snap)
"teenage angst has paid off well"
(snap snap)
oh poetry, i love the way you don't need to rhyme
(snap snap)
like, at all
(snap snap)
(snap snap snap snap)

get it?
(snap snap)

here's some themed tunes:

the format - she doesn't get it
bowling for soup - high school never ends
snap! - rhythm is a dancer

and just for fun, i thought i should throw this one up again: (jt! jt!)
justin timberlake - sexy back (remix feat. clipse)

ALSO: not that this has anything to do with my class, but apparently, this is a clip of the new gwen stefani, sweet escape (no right click, it's rapidshare) via

Monday, October 16, 2006

boo to midterms

so this week is a little on the ridiculous side. 6 midterms, multiple assignments, work, five days, blah. the wee blog will suffer, i think. and while i feel bad...i am actually trying at school, so i don't really feel guilty for this thing taking a back seat for a week. that being said, if you think i would leave you empty handed, you clearly don't know me at all. here's some music. enjoy, and wish me luck...(oh and, i guess without meaning to, i have chosen an array of vaguely thematic songs...weird)

the fags - truly truly
moka only ft. mf doom - more soup
rocketship - i'm lost without you here
clinic - the equaliser

Thursday, October 12, 2006

label bait

one of my favourite parts of doing ydb is that i get to hear all sorts of shit that no one has ever heard of. and then when i get to get people all excited about new stuff, it's the icing on the cake. today i bring to you a band with no album, no label, and very little class (i joke because i love them, they are actually quite classy). anyway. for the most part, i believe they are annonymous. they live in toronto, one is from WAY out of town, the other from not so far away, and should disclose that i have been drunk with both of them on more than one occasion. i should also disclose that i have listened to their song "sweater" over and over again at at least one house party, while we rolled on the floor laughing. (not at them...with them...it's an important distinction in this case).
i asked anne (short for anne-onymous) to send me a few tracks to throw up here, because it's high time that they got some exposure to the world, and if anyone deserves some label-lovin', it's these two. i am fairly certain that neither would cry too much if you said you liked them.
so if you like the ladies. and more importantly, ladies who make music. and perhaps most importantly, ladies who make anthem style le tigre non-arena rock with a touch of screaming and fun...then you need to listen to this.

from the doll incident:

the creamiest
arcade boy

and this post just wouldn't be complete without:

Monday, October 09, 2006

how very appropriate

it's funny, because i really didn't even intend for this to happen (it's reminiscent of when my vitamins and allergy pills ran out at exactly the same time), but i figure we're at about post #100 (assuming you take out the ones where i say i can't post, and you'll have to wait). so i wanted a post to say thanks. and it's (canadian) thanksgiving. and i'm rambling. but i think the rambling is what makes you all keep coming back. but anyway, i wanted to do something special. and while this may be way less special than what i wantedto do, here's a pantload of music for you to enjoy. (and yes they may have been posted here before, but never in ONE PLACE AT THE SAME TIME) ***and yes, i wrote this all yesterday, so it's even more very appropriate, that i was once again, ezarchive's bitch, and had to wait until today to post this***

figurines - the wonder
junior boys - in the morning (alex smoke remix)
the hold steady - hot soft light
saturna - springboard
ben folds - such great heights (postal service cover)
chromeo - needy girl (bloc party remix)
rusty - wake me
lily allen (feat. sway) - LDN remix
jesse dangerously - heart of a girl
feist - mushaboom (postal service remix)
basement jaxx - oh my gosh (bugz in the attic remix)
basement jaxx - hush boy (les visiteurs remix

and finally, it wouldn't be a celebration without some cat tears

Thursday, October 05, 2006

blowing you off to blow your mind

like the title says today (and yeah. i've noticed i've been saying that a lot lately) i am sort of going to blow you off today. but have no fear, it's with good reason. i am trying to cook something up to celebrate big post number 100. something that will blow your mind. (or at least something semi-cool). i am still taking requests/suggestions though, so send them along if you have them, as i am all ears. ok, i could blather on about my life, and school and work, but you aren't here for that, you're here for the tunes. so today there's an eclectic mix of stuff i've picked up along the way. consider it good material for the ongoing mixtape collection. as always, it's an eclectic mix of songs, but nothing too jarring. go nuts.

the pack - vans (diplo's vans 'til infinity remix) (via)
radiodread - karma police (feat. citizen cope)
lily allen - knock em out
mike doughty - bottom of a well

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a musical love letter to dawn wiener

mostly, i like the title of this post. well, that and the very idea of sending a musical love letter to everyone's favourite mid-90s indie movie outcast icon. (and if she wasn't your favourite, then you clearly were either running around in the wrong crowds or running around in diapers). i haven't really given too much thought to the wiener dog in recent years, and that just isn't right. she was stylish. she was smart. she was cool. she was completely deluded in the most awesome way possible, which was why, regardless of any disturbing moments in the movie, she will always have a place in my heart. even though, in the real world, she would probably be either a high priced dominatrix or a bitter elementary school part time librarian who goes home to 20 cats at the end of the day. or maybe she's exactly the same, only older. she probably puts on air band fashion shows in front of her mirror, using her hairbrush as a mic. she makes friends with the people no one else does. she talks to trees. she cuts pictures out of magazines. she makes all her own clothes, and they look liked they came through a time machine that was built by deeelite and the cast of the partridge family. she doesn't seem to notice that everyone else is noticing her for all the wrong reasons. in short, she's better than all of us, because she's letting her weird little freak inside live freely on the outside. god bless you dawn wiener, whereever or whoever you might be. here's my musical love letter to you:

blitzen trapper - on a dime
the daylights - if words were bullets
prophet omega - get by
some action - don't you look for me
princeton - the indifference curve
rob blackledge - one step
the morning benders - grain of salt
beulah - if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart

Monday, October 02, 2006

just like tony always said (watch out for the anvils)

seriously though, all crappy insinuated puns aside, the grates are way better than i think they've been getting credit for. which is to say, for a band with an album as solid as theirs, there hasn't been nearly the mp3blog hype that i would have expected. maybe it's because everyone likes to fall all over themselves heaping praise on be your own pet or breathlessly awaiting whatever it is that courtney love is going to unleash on us in the near future, (and please note, i am a fan of both byop as well as ms love), but it's weird. they're more melodic and accesible than byop (which, understanding how the great big hype machine in the sky works, might be what's ultimately working against them). they are certainly not carrying as much baggage as courtney, and let's face it, maybe it's just time for us to give up the ghost as far as our favourite 90s girl-based bands. they can release as many albums as they want, but they probably are never going to reach the "heights" they did 10 years ago.
it's not a marketing thing, i've seen the cd in almost every mainstream and indie record store i've been in over the past month. whatever, i'm calling on you, the ydb faithful to spread the word. here's some talking points:
- you can dance to it, which is of the utmost importance
-every once in awhile, i catch fleeting glimpses of what 4 non blondes could have been, if they hadn't ended up as a one hit wonder footnote to linda perry's pop songwriting career
- it's catchy, as hell
- they toured with the go! team
- there are handclaps
- the entire album is the perfect length for their music. not so long that you're banging your head against the wall, short enough to leave you wanting to hear more
- if you're into this sort of thing (and let's face it, if you're music-nerdy enough to be reading this thing, you are), the cd packaging is pretty awesome
- they are seriously in contention for best video of the year, look here:
(stephen colbert and his green screen don't really stand a chance against this)

(doesn't it make you want to kind of go out, find them, and just get up to hijinks?...crazy crazy hijinks)

so you've got your talking points, you've fallen in love with the video, no doubt, now what? well, here's some tracks, now go get the album and spread the word.

from gravity won't get you high:

science is golden
19 20 20

the grates on myspace

so there's this thing...

and the thing is, i was lazy/it was a hectic couple of days. in lieu of a real post, i urge you to click on the link at the bottom. tomorrow ydb makes a triumphant return with a full cd review! try not to get too excited.

be prepared for the awesomest thing you have ever seen before you click on this link