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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

another deliciously unlikely coupling

if you've known me for any length of time, chances are at some point you've heard two stories:
1) there was the time i went to see another roadside attraction, not to see the hip, but to see eric's trip and matthew sweet. eric's trip kind of sucked, mostly because i don't think that the best place to see them is at the speedway (speedway....speedway...). but matthew sweet certainly did not disappoint, and in fact, his show may still be in my top ten shows attended of all time. mostly because, at the tender age of 16, i hadn't seen someone play the guitar quite so well while being quite so entertainingly drunk. plus, he played while he drank.

2) when i was younger i used to dance. tap and jazz. (pause for laughter). but one of my favourite songs that i danced to (besides the boogie woogie bugle boy, but that was mostly because i was amused that our costumes closely resembled glad garbage bags) was the bangles' in your room.

those stories having been retold, how happy was i to hear that matthew sweet and susanna hoffs were collaborating on an album of covers? SO happy. here's my favourite track off of their album, aptly titled under the covers volume 1 (which i can only take to mean there will be MORE of this to come). also, just for shits and giggles, here's my favourite matthew sweet track as well.

matthew sweet - girlfriend
matthew sweet & susanna hoffs - cinnamon girl (neil young cover)

and in case you want super extra bonus points, if you're wondering where you've heard of the two of them pairing up before, i can give you a photo hint: