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Monday, May 29, 2006

c'mon, he sang with JULIO!

for serious, willie nelson, for all his weirdness and faults, may be one of my favourite cover artists ever. i'm not going to delve into the man that much, but i will direct you to his wiki and strongly encourage you to give some of his older stuff a try (as well as the newer). i never really got why kenny rogers could have restaurants and slot machines in his name, but ol' willie just couldn't ever seem to catch a break. but i guess that's why he (like johnny cash) makes covering songs so awesomely believable. and i guess that sadness is what makes him country in the first place.

rainbow connection (from the 1981 album of the same name)

time after time (a superb cyndi lauper cover from the 2002 album, The Great Divide