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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

every weekend should be long one

fresh from a 3 day weekend, i am offering up a fine selection of songs that will appeal to anyone who likes the following: frou frou, imogen heap, blips and bleeps, pianos and good music. both could be termed remixes, although one is more of a stripped down take on a song that almost everyone must have heard by now. the other stays truer to the term "remix", and features miss heap on vocals.
(basically, this post goes out to brianne and caleb, who i think may be the two biggest heap/frou frou fans that i know)

i'm going to stop talking about the music now, and just leave you with the linkage and music.

temposhark site
the internet home of imogen heap
and finally for good measure: frou frou

imogen heap - let go (solo piano)
temposhark - not that big (metronomy's notthatremix)

ps please note that although i spent a good part of the weekend watching the events in caledonia unfold, i am withholding any comment at this time.