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Monday, May 08, 2006

everyone's talking about them

...so this band, cold war kids must be the shit, right? well, how's about this: i'll let you decide for yourself. i personally kind of like this track, and the others i've heard, but i can totally see how the hipster hype machine sometimes takes bands with some limited growth potential, and then blogs them to death, killing them before they even had a chance (test icicles, anyone?).

cold war kids - hospital beds

in other news, due to my self-imposed "no cd purchases until my birthday" efforts, i will be faced with the very difficult choice of whether to break my own rules and purchase the gnarls barkley album tomorrow, or suck it up and wait a month. seriously, i think i heard crazy for the first time almost a year ago, so really, can i be expected to hold up my end of my silly little bargain to myself? i'm not even sure anymore. if you think this isn't a tough decision, listen to the first track from the album and decide for yourself.

gnarls barkley - go go gadget gospel