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Friday, May 19, 2006

flashback friday (sadly, i just realized i share this title with the blue jays)

this is a hard post to focus on a write, because the album i want to talk about is one that is quite possibly my favourite album of all time. i want everyone to love it. but i suppose it's best to just cut to the chase.
back in the early 90s, if you were a fan of canadian indie rock, chances are you would have heard of the band hHead at some point. Not only was future broken social scenes and by divine right member Brendan Canning in the band, but so was a young man named Noah Mintz. after the band broke up, he went on to record a solo album under the moniker Noah's Arkweld. the album he released, fun! is a weird pastiche of guitar driven first person POV songs about life and strangely beautiful computerized musical interludes. it's a hard album to describe and understand until you've heard it a few times, and over the years, the album has just continues to grow on me.
since it's release in 1997, i saw one live performance, read a few articles about noah in exclaim and other canadian music trade magazines, but over time, both the man and the band seemed to disappear.
but now for the big news. apparently if you go to the noah's arkweld website and scroll to the bottom of the page (no worries, it's not a very long scroll) there seems to be new life in the project. (on my birthday, no less). take a listen to a few tracks and tell me you're not about to fall in love.

inborted (featuring a young leslie feist)