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Friday, May 12, 2006

flashback friday (with a slight flashforward)

if i said len, most people would either a) draw a blank, b) say how much they loved steal my sunshine or c) think i was talking about my uncle leonard. you would be very off base to think that either b or c had anything to do with the band len. true, that song/video brought them a pantload of teenage fans, but len is so much more than that. i could recount the entire history of the band, but wiki's probably better at that, and i have 2 better things to point out. ONE: when i saw them live, sometime back around 1995 or 96, sharon had her backpack on while she was onstage, and kept having to run off to deal with a case of the runs, and they played a cover of the bare necessities, and it was quite possibly the best show i have ever been to. completely chaotic and wonderful. TWO: the have collaborated, at various times, with the likes of: Kurtis Blow, CC Deville, Biz Markie, Mr. Dibbs, Brendan Canning, DJ Moves, Buck 65, Junior Sanchez, Moka Only and too many others to even name here.
point is, whether they were a drunken mess or a meshing of musical geniuses, the band was and continues to be amazing. you might have noticed, while perusing their wiki that they have a new album coming out. i suggest you look into it. for now, here's some samples from the past 4 albums, with nary a steal my sunshine in sight.

Jones'n (Superstar, 1994)
Smarty Pants (Get Your Legs Broke, 1996)
Hot Rod Monster Jam (You Can't Stop the Bum Rush, 1999)
People (Come Together) (The Diary of the Madmen, 2005)

(and let me end this with a request: if ANYONE has hip club groove's trailer park hip hop album, i will gladly pay you good money for it)