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Friday, May 26, 2006

guilty (pleasure) as charged

so just in case you have some sort of disorder that renders you unable to see pictures of 90s popstars, this post is going to be about how my weird/sick obsession with the spice girls turned into an all too sadly real appreciation for the solo work of melanie c. for whatever reason, sporty was always my favourite spice girl. she always seemed to get the high pitched shouty bits in their songs (you know, those parts that were most fun to sing? don't even pretend you don't know what i'm talking about). she seemed to be the most down to earth of the bunch. plus, she routinely threw a back flip or three into their live shows (i can't even begin to imagine ginger or posh attempting that). and golden raspberry or not, i maintain to this day that spiceworld was underappreciated.
i can fully admit that this isn't cool, not even in an ironic way. the music probably isn't really all that awesome, but i still like it, and i should warn you that suddenly monday has a tendancy to get stuck in my head for days after just one listen. before you laugh too hard, take a listen to a few tracks. the woman's released 3 solo albums (how many of you out there laughing have done that?), which, while it doesn't excuse the fact that she's an ex-spice girl (wait, does girl power even die? can you be an ex-spice girl?). i think i've sounded like a crazy person long enough. here's the music:

better alone (from beautiful intentions)

reason (from reason)

suddenly monday (from northern star)