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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hook me up with dayquil, and i'll be your friend for life

i can't lie, i feel like ass today. but at some point last night, in the middle of not being sure if i was awake or dreaming, i started to wish it was summer right now. not the scalding hot days of summer, but the nights. driving around, with the windows down, everyone's car stereo competing.
quick aside: the other night, i pulled up to a red light, i had my window half down, and between my ipod playing beck's girl and the people beside me playing bob marley, it was a nice pre-summer car stereo moment.
back to the story. recently, i heard two songs that i would be totally ok with hearing fly by me on someone else's stereo, or even better, on mine, at a red light. the first is from lovestink (the new collaboration between cee lo and plantlife), the second from whatnow?. seriously, if you know anything more about either artist, let me in on the secret.

lovestink - gangsta boogie

whatnow? - flip flops