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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ice cream for breakfast, peanuts for lunch...

(please note, the above is the first line from a song to be written and titled later)

...anyway, the post today is a tad bit later than usual, due to my computer crashing multiple times. no fear, the blog will live on!
the first selection today goes out to alisha, audra, and anyone else whose name begins with an a, or who ever liked the riot grrl (and just plain girl) bands of the 90s. i give you the oohlas. to be fair, there's a connection to Art Alexakis(by way of drummer turned lead Greg Eklund), he of the catchy am radio song that i seem to be the only fan of, but i never really enjoyed everclear the same way i enjoyed the breeders, and here there's a bridge between the two bands. catchy, yet you don't feel entirely guilty having a friend come across it on your ipod.

secondly, the new keane. being a fan of this band (and pianos!) makes me wonder if my brief dalliances into MOR adult contemporary may be more than just a fleeting fancy, but if this track is any indication, the band may be taking a slightly different approach this time around. it's been bashed as being "U2 lite" and i can't really seem to come to a conclusion. so form your own.

the oohlas - small parts

keane - is it any wonder