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Thursday, May 11, 2006

pearl jam + hamilton roundup

i went to pearl jam last night, at the acc. it was, as usual, a wayback machine type of good show. it struck me on the way in (sitting amongst jays fans on the go train) that when i bought their first album, i was in middle school. i remember it very distinctly, walking with pam hazlewood, through jackson square, buying the tape(!) at whatever record store used to be where the new food court is now. remembering that made me feel old. final note to this rather boring story? there are actually two: 1) eddie vedder, at one point, had the rest of the band clear the stage and he sang a snippet of cinnamon girl, and that was quite nice. 2) out of all of the seats available to be sold for the show last night, i was the ticket holder of the absolutely LAST seat, which was amusing, and not nearly as bad as it could have been.


i was hoping to post today about the news that local band cities in dust had signed to paperbag records, but sadly, i cannot locate a sample mp3, so you're just going to have to go to their myspace and stream away.
instead i give you two local bands samples. both of which i have the loosest of loose namedropping connections to.

1) lounge: i went to highschool with cassie ross, the lead singer. if i recall correctly, we not only had a few classes together, but i also went to her house after the senior formal. we listened to glenn gould on vinyl. i can't remember anything bad about her, which leads me to believe that she must have been a pretty bang up human being.

lounge - archive

2) the ride theory: i've known noah, the drummer, since he was maybe 12 or younger. he's a great kid, and an even better drummer. the band has been making a name for themselves locally and more recently across the province, and hopefully, their new album is on sale where you live, so you can buy it, and they can keep making excellent music.

the ride theory - my girl june

holy crap, i was only going to post a short message today. oops.