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Thursday, May 18, 2006

pointedly ignoring o.c. spoilers

regardless of what sort of music you're a fan of, it's hard not to like dj shadow, even when i was a stupidly strong supporter of the local guitar rawk local indie scene in highschool, i still held endtroducing as one of my favourite albums. if you haven't heard it, make an effort to pick it up, all the better to have your mind blown. with his upcoming release, he seems to be moving slightly away from the cerebral hip hop of the past, but so long as you keep an open mind, the results are still nothing short of fucking awesome.

and with absolutley nothing in the way of a segue...the futureheads also have a new album on the way. when i saw them with hot hot heat and louis xiv (i know, louis who?) they were far and away the most energetic band on stage that night. they do, however, have a tendancy to let the fun and high spirits overtake the music, so at times, you're left feeling like maybe you missed a punchline here or there. but like dj shadow, the new futureheads seems to be slightly different. it's a more focussed approach. having only heard the one song, i can safely say that, in terms of this track, they've seemingly eliminated the need to wear every single musical influence they've ever had on their sleeve, and instead have whittled it down to just one or two. which means that for an already exceptional band, this album could potentially be even better than anyone could've expected.

dj shadow - 3 freaks

the futureheads - skip to the end

stay tuned tomorrow, as flashback fridays brings you a young feist and another brendan canning guest appearance. all on what is perhaps my favourite indie sleeper album of the late 90s!