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Thursday, May 25, 2006

rainy days and sunshine to come

in honor of the band phoenix releasing their new album this week (the superb it's never been like that), i thought i would take a second to introduce you to both the new single, as well as quite possibly my most favourite track from the dj kicks series. first of all, you should go buy the new album, and then, when you fall in love with that, your next stop should be checking out the song that was included on erlend oye's dj kicks album. basically, this is a song that you can always go back to. no matter what your mood, no matter what your age, there's just something that is the most basic kind of appealing in this, as well as most of phoenix's music. if you like the track off of the new album so very very much that you can't stand yourself, the video is also available on their myspace

phoenix - long distance call
erlend oye/phoenix - if i ever feel better

stay tuned tomorrow, because there is a distinct possibility that i will discuss not only my guilty pop pleasure from the 90s, but also how it's lived on since!