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Monday, June 19, 2006

catch and release

I often spend large amounts of time trolling around on various non-popular mp3 sites looking to find things that i haven't heard before. one such site (and i only qualify it as "non-popular" because it's not really a blog, so much as big business) is amazon. the only problem is, i download, i listen, and then i forget entirely that i ever heard the songs. so here's a collection of 4 songs. 2 are from amazon, two are from some of the blogs on the sidebar. do i delete? or do i put them on my ipod and try to find the albums in stores?

(and if you need more games to play, one song goes out to cait, one to michelle)

the librarians - peace and quiet
the illiterati - cigarette girl
cassettes won't listen - cut your hair (pavement cover)
project jenny, project jan - fight song