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Thursday, June 29, 2006


welcome to day 2 of "things i was given for free a million years ago". one of the bands featured today you may have heard of. however, chances are, you didn't hear them in the incarnation i'll be offering up. Most people these days, know soulwax as a dj collective who have made some very catchy mashups and other good music. mostly though, you wouldn't associate guitars with them. well, in 1999, they were playing a different song, and the result was just as good as what they put out today, albeit different. (the album much against everyone's advice also spawned their sometimes used name "too many dj's".
second, there's a band that was widely panned by critics, and with good reason. although i think that if you listen to this song as background music, and don't take it seriously at all, it's sort of/kind of ok. and yes, the beginning does sound like a complete ripoff of classic NIN.
finally, something a little quieter. the last song is one i find myself forgetting about for months or years at a time, but then relistening to it, and remembering that it is a good song. someone at amazon made the suggestion that fans of third eye blind would enjoy the album. i would argue that people who enjoy their music at all could find themselves being fans.

soulwax - conversation intercom

cupcakes - vidiots

gus - laugh that i could learn to love