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Thursday, June 01, 2006

hey hobo man, hey dapper dan

so there's a mixed bag here for you today, on day 2 of my self indulgent trip through songs i am not embarassed to admit liking. first off, i should say this one thing: the common thread between all of these songs (and many others to come) is the fact that when i hear them, i think of being a kid. specifically today, being somewhere around 4-10 years old.
the first time i saw the movie annie (and also the next 5 times) was at my great grandma's house. i think she may have either had a crush on albert finney, or really identified with carol burnett's Miss Hannigan. either way, she really seemed to like the movie, and being an impressionable young lass, i also loved it. and i do to this day. while the song i've picked may not be one of the more popular ones from the movie, you'd best be betting your bottom dollar that when we got to sing it in grade 7 choir, i was excited (and obviously nerdy).
next up, we have dolly parton and kenny rogers. if you can't love dolly parton, it may be possible that you were born without a soul. mostly this song makes me think of eating breakfast before school, with whatever the adult contemporary station of the day was on in the background.
and for some reason, the last song is tied to the first song. i have no idea why, other than perhaps at some point, they played back to back on the radio, and in my mind have been connected ever since. weird, i know. but how many of you have had the same thing happen because of song connections on mix tapes?
i remembered another funny anecdote. from the time i first heard the song, until about 3 years ago, i thought the lyrics to i'd really love to see you tonight went like this: "i'm not talkin' 'bout the linen" which, to me, meant that he was referencing some old fight they had about sheets, and he was finally giving in to her sheeting demands. in actual fact, the line goes "i'm not talkin' 'bout movin' in" so yeah, i had an overactive imagination.
stay tuned tomorrow, when i very well may talk about what song makes me think of the dentist!

annie(the movie) - you're never fully dressed without a smile
kenny rogers and dolly parton - islands in the stream
england dan and john ford coley - i'd really love to see you tonight