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Monday, June 05, 2006

hey starfish baby...starfish baby

the name of the game today is highschool. or, to be more to the point: me as a band geek in highschool. except the thing is, i also liked lots of good music. but the cheesy stuff just kept making it onto playlists as well. some of these songs have specific memories. like the moxy fruvous song: it will always remind me of cait and danielle and i, singing on a bus trip and freaking out because we thought we sounded super cool.
similarly, i know breaking up is hard to do reminds me of caitlin, but i can't be 100% on the why in that case.
corky and the juice pigs make me think of being at brad's house (and how much i WISH i still had the tape of kate's mom from when we called her)
and the songs soul man and downtown will always be connected in my heart because they were one after another on a mix tape.
i'm not going to say much more, because i already feel like i'm rambling (also, blogger is being very volatile today). but please listen with an open (17 year old) mind.

petula clark downtown
moxy fruvous - gulf war song
corky and the juice pigs torsos for tots (skit)
neil sedaka - breaking up is hard to do
james brown - i'm a soul man