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Monday, June 26, 2006

highschool confidential

back in the day, i spent a lot of time going to see local bands play at what might be the dirtiest all ages club in the history of dirty all ages clubs. it's claim to fame was the lack of doors on the washroom stalls, and the fact that once, the older men's gay bar below had to come upstairs and ask the kids to stop jumping up and down, because it was knocking the tiles from their ceiling.
ah, the x-club. i loved it. sadly, it closed shortly after i finished highschool, (or maybe before, my memory gets fuzzy the older i get) and went from being a gay bar (soda pop) to another gay bar (i can't remember the name of) to barcode (where apparently cover is high, and people are drunk...all i know is, when i drive past it at night, there are strobe lights pointed in my eyes while i wait for the light to change).
in honor of highschool and x-club, here's a mixtape called "highschool, vol 1", because while i am capable of weepy eyed nostalgia on a monday, the creativity just isn't there.

sloan - deeper than beauty
maow - ms. lefevre
furnaceface - excuse me
tristan psionic - divided
plumtree - only in the movies
hum - stars
redd kross - lady in the front row
zumpano - the party rages on
cub - new york city
the new grand - triple jointed
the killjoys - sally won't