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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

music you've never heard before...

...that is, unless you were the music editor for a campus paper in the late 90s, or a friend of a music editor for a campus paper in the late 90s.
thing is, there was a lot of crap that we got. so sometimes, it became hard to even want to pop in a cd that didn't come with a press release, from a band you'd never heard of. now to be fair, one of the 2 bands featured today, i had heard of, but the other two were brand spanking new to my ears when i first put them on (sometime around the fall/winter of 1998). to say i was pleasantly surprised would be putting in lightly. after having heard numerous sloan, radiohead or great big sea copies, it was nice to hear some bands at least ripping off less popular bands. (i jest...the closest thing i can come to in the way of comparison would be saying that the band arnold sort of sound like the bluetones sometimes, and really, who besides myself and peter merriman would i be helping out with that description?).
so here is part 1 of a 3 part, 3 day series. tomorrow, 3 more bands, friday, selections from the best movie soundtrack you've never heard.

shudder to think (with jeff buckley) - i want someone badly
arnold - hillside
dada - information undertow

(also, if you would like to help advise me which side of my italian/ukranian heritage i should be supporting come friday, i'm all ears)

i would be completely remiss (not to mention a complete idiot) if i waited even another second to introduce you to girl talk. i've noticed the name around the mp3blog community over the past few days, but never really thought it could be as completely over the top awesome as it is. listen. if you like music, and have liked music for at least the past 10 years, then you will like this. (if only for the party game aspect of listening to it)
here's a sample:
bounce that