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Friday, June 09, 2006

t-minus 29.5 hours (or so)

so with tomorrow being my actual birthday, sadly, today the songs of embarassment come to an end. but i have good news! today will highlight three songs that, when they first came out, i almost completely hated. but i think somewhere, deep down in the cockles of my heart, i knew i like them. the first is from my highschool years (i think, it's getting a little fuzzy the older i get), the second for some reason, makes me think of waiting for the barton bus one morning. and the third, well, if you can listen to this song, alone in your room in the dark, and listen to the words, and think about your own life, and not cry, then (as i have said a million times before now) you don't have a soul. either that or you're too cynical to fall for something that seems to have been written expressly for commercials for greeting cards (or in reality, credit cards) and that touching scene at the end of a television show. i have also decided that it is the perfect song to close up the 27th year of my life and the last 10 days worth of posts here on yr dirty boots.

dishwalla - counting blue cars
everclear - am radio
five for fighting - 100 years