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Thursday, June 08, 2006

well slap my ass and colour me annoyed

sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, i had one all set to go, and then blogger decided it was not going to work for awhile, and i had to do my actual job.

anyway, here's what i was going to talk about yesterday. my favourite parts of some of my favourite cheesy songs. i've been told that having a favourite part of a song is an inherently geeky quality. since i am apparently geeky, i have no idea how people could possibly not have a favourite part in a song. but time and time again, when i get all excited listening to something, turn the volume up and implore the other person to "listen to this part, it's the best part of the whole song", their eyes inevitably glaze over and they just grimace and bear it. well, since i can't force all of you to stay seated in my car as we hurtle down the highway, and i hold you captive to my dj capabilities, i'm forced to do the next best thing. here are 4 songs, and i've identified my favourite parts. please indulge me...

wilson phillips - hold on (2:48)
marc cohn - walking in memphis (2:45)
melissa manchester - don't cry out loud (this one i like because of the difference between what happens at 0:44 and 2:18)
beach boys - sloop john b (1:51)