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Friday, June 02, 2006

your dinner's in the oven and it's all dried up

today brings us quite the eclectic grab bag of songs. first of all, i feel i should start with one that has become a secret favourite of mine to drive around listening to (with the windows up) singing along to at the top of my lungs. next we go to a band who has one song that everyone and their grandma knows (but i am not posting that song). and then we get to the song i referenced yesterday.
a little backstory:
when i was younger, my mother worked at my dentist. in addition to this meaning i didn't have sugared cereal at home and pop was a rarity, it also meant that she got to bring home tapes(!) from work. why did a dentist have tapes? simple. they let you choose one to listen to while you were having dental work done. i don't remember all of the tapes she brought home during this time, but there is one that has stuck with me for a million years. on one side it had the footloose (clearly everyone with a brain likes that, so it isn't embarassing). the other side though, had a band called level 42. for some reason, i decided they were the best band in the world, and still today, they ain't that bad.
finally, i mentioned hip club groove awhile back, but i thought maybe i should include my favourite song from their album trailer park hip hop.

the nylons - one fine day (please chuckle along with me at the banter)
the vapors - news at ten (it's the same band who did turning japanese
level 42 - something about you
hip club groove - jizz