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Monday, July 10, 2006

blam! it's a downpour

it's been a weird day here. for a few minutes we'll have a torrential downpour (at times a sidepour) and then the sun comes out like today is the most beautiful summer day on record. the weather network is no help, since they always seem to be one step behind, so i've been glad that i was able to avoid the jekyll and hyde day for the most part, because i was sitting at work. and that's the silver lining to the cloud...
because i am working the day shift, my posts are going to be later in the day. which is fine for those of you on the west coast and beyond, but i'm giving my apologies to everyone else.
today i bring you two of the rumoured tracks from the upcoming soundtrack to the new outkast helmed musical, idlewild. the release has been pushed back and pushed back, but muchnewsweekly told me that it would be coming out for sure in august, and i will hold them to it. (even if devon was his usualy smarmy ass when he talked about it).
i assume that if you have an internet connection you've heard of outkast, but just in case you've gotten here through some sort of wood and stone contraption, their official website can be found here.

idlewild blues
morris brown

order the idlewild soundtrack