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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

do you get it?

i'm trying really hard to be witty and funny, since alisha is pretending to be a super genius today. anyway, in case you were stuck paralyzed in your bed today, because you can't decide what new albums to go get, i'm going to make your decision very easy. go get the new mstrkrft album. that is, unless you're the world's biggest los lonely boys fan, and you only have enough to buy one. i'm not going to tell you to turn your back on your #1 favourite band for this album, but if you're looking for something good, this is your pick.
in case you have been out of the country/under a rock/living in a monastary for the last little while, mstrkrft a side project of death from above 1979's jesse keeler and al-p (who you may recognize from his producing job on the you're a woman, i'm a machine dfa 1979 album). if you picked up romance bloody romance you got a taste of what was to come, and today the brand spanking new album, the looks, is out. if i haven't convinced you yet, here are some samples:

mstrkrft - she's good for business
dfa1979 - little girl (mstrkrft edition)
metric - monster hospital (mstrkrft remix)
wolfmother - woman (mstrkrft remix)

last gang records
mstrkrft on myspace