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Friday, July 07, 2006

flashback friday: highschool confidential, part 2

it's time for another one of everyone's favourite posts, music that we all (and by we all, i mean those of us who lived in a certain segment of southern ontario) spent a lot of time and money on in highschool. i thought to lighten the mood and celebrate summer a bit, i would kick things off with a band whose album was called beach music and the whole thing is rounded off with a nice sleeping time shoegazer tune that will most likely weigh your eyes heavy, even while your head is nodding in approval.
in between there's an appearance from one of my favourite all time catchy songs, a local female fronted band, one of my (bass) guitar heroes (hint: check the picture) and a band that inexplicably did well enough to (in my recollection, anyway) try releasing a second full length that was strangely dance-poppy. they have since disappeared.
almost all of these bands have disappeared, much like my elementary schools. but they live on in cd form, and in our hears (awwwwwww). mushy crap aside, enjoy.
starkicker - get up
the hardship post - watchin' you
jale - not happy
pluto - paste
the breeders - no aloha
redd kross - yesterday once more (from the album if i were a carpenter)
treble charger - 10th grade love
flux - fallen to pieces
the jesus and mary chain - reverence
SIANspheric - watch me fall