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Monday, July 24, 2006

fumbling over what to post

(first of all, holy crap is blogger slow today)
i was perusing the various myspace's and websites of local bands today, trying to put together a post of their music, when i stumbled upon local concert listings. to my surprise, the pepperjack cafe is playing host to no less than edan next month. if you know me, you probably know that i have a soft spot for all things boston (though i will not sink to wearing a my red sox hat at a jays game...and wow was that a great series this weekend...getting back to the music...)and edan is yet another reason why.
now, if you are somehow able to make this particular show (august 26 here in the hammer), i would highly recommend that you get your ass in here, as it's an awesomely intimate venue to see one of the most innovative names in hip hop today. if you haven't heard of him, a) shame on you b) you obviously aren't spending enough time in the mp3blogosphere c) maybe you don't have the internet?
but i can help you out. here are two of the many standout tracks from 2005's beauty and the beat.

fumbling over words that rhyme

promised land

ps he's sharing the stage with this guy