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Thursday, July 27, 2006

i'm not even supposed to be here today

last night i sat down with a few friends to watch clerks. for two of us, it was a repeat viewing, for one a brand new experience. it had been awhile since i last watched the movie, and with the sequel out, i thought it would be good to rewatch it. there were parts i either didn't remember at all, or didn't get when i had first watched it, almost 10 years ago. there were other parts that i had completely forgotten about, but then remembered just before they happened (cousin olaf is probably the best example). but the thing that struck me the most was the music. i didn't actually even remember clerks as having a soundtrack at all, let alone one as good as it seemed to be. watching movies like clerks, singles, reality bites...it's like going back in a time machine, to when i was watching all these movies about what my 20s were supposed to be like, and now that i'm here...well, it's hard to say how true i've been to the script. regardless, if you haven't watched clerks in awhile, i strongly suggest rewatching it. and if you also blanked on the fact that it had a great soundtrack, there's this:

love among freaks - berserker
seaweed - go your own way (how, exactly, did i miss a fleetwood mac cover?)
supernova - chewbacca (not to be confused with the reality show band)
golden smog - shooting star (an earlier incarnation of today's mp3blogsphere favourites)

buy the soundtrack