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Monday, July 31, 2006

kids with flow (and some andy samberg)

since everyone has been all atwitter about the rapper's delight club, i thought now would be as good a time as any to show the readers of ydb that there's a whole world of kids out there who can do the same thing.
first off, i'd like to turn your attention to the east coast, where jesse dangerously worked with project turnaround, and has produced some amazing results. (talk to jesse if you want more info on this groundbreaking project). ydb is proud to be giving you the worldwide premiere of a girl who is sure to be one of canadian hip hop's future stars if this track is any indication. kassy is a student a herring cove junior high, and wrote the rap herself (beats provided by andrew kilgour. prepare to be impressed:

kassy - unable

next we move to a project similar to rapper's delight club. da hip hop rascalz may not have the polish of some of the other kid rap making the rounds, but this track serves as a reminder that no matter how good the flow, these kids are just that: kids. and kids live for fun whenever they have the chance. there's a lot of exuberance here. (as well as a sentiment that is perhaps far beyond their years)

tuff kids - i don't want you no more

finally, we have a group that is not actually made of up kids. nor do they really have anything at all to do with the rest of this post. but it amused me, and i guess you could say that andy samberg and his crew are pretty close to keeping that childhood ridiculousness alive.

incredibad - ka-blamo