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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

lazy tuesday

yes it's true, i'm lazy. and in that vein, i would like to present to you two songs which will ultimately try very hard (but most likely fail in the end) to cure me of that disease.
if you've met me at all, you know that i was getting excited about gnarls barkley for long enough that i was most likely annoying by about january of this year (if it was sooner, thank you for being polite). but this remix is, in my opinion, just as good, if not better than the original. there's only one part that seems a little jagged (i'll let you be your own judge of that...think for yourself and all), but for the most part, the remix ups the frenetic energy that simmered in the original come to a full boil.
the other track is from the new tv on the radio. which...well, let's say i'm probably about to annoy you again with my enthusiasm if you spend any time at all with me in person.
but in honor of my laziness...today you do the deciding. yay or nay for tv on the radio?

gnarls barkley - crazy remix feat. kardinal offishall, joe budden and remy martin
tv on the radio - i was a lover