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Monday, July 17, 2006

mashup monday

first of all, my apologies for my lack of posts last week. like i said, i was working days, and apparently i am not at all a morning person. getting up before 9am just throws me off kilter for the week. but i'm back on nights this week, so expect things to go back to normal.
i finally got my girl talk night ripper album in the mail on friday, and i have been listening to it non stop in the car since. the whole album made me start thinking about mashups, and it occurred to me, that when i talked about soulwax awhile back, maybe not all the loyal ydb readers had heard their work in the world of mashups. then, i had a shower and realized maybe you hadn't heard very many mashups at all (outside of the ones that they play at clubs and on the radio). so then i thought long and hard about the following question: if i was going to post 3 mashups, what 3 would they be? well, i have an answer. hopefully it's one you'll enjoy. if not...well, no one's holding a gun to your head.
(please note, i disqualified anything previously posted here, and any jay-z black album remixes masquerading as mashups)

2 many dj's - beastie boys vs inxs vs ac/dc vs herbie hancock
djBC - sunshine superrapper (cl smooth (feat pete rock) vs donovan)
kleptones - bite(queen vs odb)