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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

must be something about the name

back in the heady days of the very late 80s (and technically in this case, the very early 90s), when hairmetal ruled supreme, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why bon jovi was chosen to pretty much BE the soundtrack for young guns 2. after their success with the track dead or alive there really was no band on the airwaves who were quite as good a fit. flash forward more than 15 years to the newest cinematic opus hitting the big screen, and i'm sure a few bon jovi fans are scratching their heads.
because i like to believe that all ydb readers spend the majority of their time under a rock, snakes on a plane is sure to be the hit movie of the summer. and now, muchmusic informs me (through repeated replays of the video) that the hit song of the summer will be cobra starship's snakes on a plane (bring it). as i've mentioned, i have seen this video numerous times, and i should clarify, i am not in the habit of watching much music on a regular basis. these repeated video viewings have come strictly by accident, as i flipped past the station. but i find myself wondering, is this band really so different from bon jovi? if you close your eyes and listen really hard while the song emotes in the background, you can hear a sprinkling of the jovi.
and what's with the starship in the name? don't they know what adding that word to your name can do to a band? did they miss all those specials on what was horrible about the 80s? oh but wait, this is the 00s, and we're all ironic and meta and disgustingly self aware. so they're doing this on purpose. which is why it's funny? ok. well, glad i figured that one out. you know what joe always said: knowing is half the battle!

cobra starship - snakes on a plane (bring it) (i should note that this band is not just a band, but a SUPERGROUP for the new millennium
bon jovi - blaze of glory
starship - we built this city