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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

short but sweet and...sloooooooooooan

i would be evil and illegal and immoral and post this song, but it's sloan, and no matter how MOR they get, i will always have a soft spot in my heart for them. (plus, since i didn't post the justin timberlake single, i can't really justify (get it? ha ha ha) this). so please, direct your browser to their myspace and give the new song a listen. also, if you are in canada, it's the free song on itunes this week.
like i said earlier to alisha, i don't LOVE it, but it's growing on me, and sounds a bazillion times better than the last album. here's hoping it's a return to one chord to another style (i would go for twice removed, but i think we all know that will probably (sadly) never happen again)...
working a double today, so that's all for now, but i promise i will post more sloan tomorrow (probably from the "live" bonus disc that came with american version of the aforementioned one chord to another)