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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

steel+city+scissor+sisters = say it 3 times, fast...

having grown up in the midst of the local music scene (please understand, as a spectator, for the most part, unless you count the zine as "taking part"), i feel sort of strange not going to see as many shows as i did when i was 18. then again, i now feel like that weird older person nursing a beer at the back of the lic/aa crowd, the one who no one can figure out why they're there. suffice to say, i feel a little like i've outgrown going to shows in bars. i still like it, and i still go...i just feel weird. awhile back i posted about some local bands that i like, i thought it was high time to do that again. remember, they are all local, and as such, if you like what you hear, please make sure you find some way to support them. (there is an extra added non local bonus at the end, who you should also feel more than free to support).

first let's start off with hip hop. if you were a fan of early beastie boys, then you should like these guys. if you're looking for something more along the lines of jesse dangerously or backpack rap, i would look here.

lo fi - she's dope

then we can slow things down a little bit. for those end of summer nights alone with your special someone, sitting on a muskoka chair after the sun has gone down, you could try either

fieldguide - clockwork (for our younger readers, this would also serve as the perfect soundtrack to leaving all your summer camp friends behind)

or you could try chris bell's post chore project, which would also be good for riding your horse into the sunset.

alive and living - at all

and then there are those times when you need something, and you can't quite put your finger on it. for the late night cruising around and rabble rousing. for the days with no plans that end up being the best days of the summer. for the days that make no sense at all. for the nights you want to get sweaty in a local bar and hear a local band tear shit up in way you've never heard before, i give you

sailboats are white - let's set up north on fire

finally, appropos of nothing (except maybe my guilty pleasure love of elton john and the music i imagine they played in gay bars in the late 70s), i give you the new scissor sisters:

scissor sisters - i don't feel like dancing