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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


now that it's july, and we've made it through the canada day long weekend, it's officially summer in my mind. with summer, comes the search for the perfect summer music, the perfect summer songs. they are the songs you drive around to. the songs you listen to on the beach. the music you hear wafting over the talking at the patio bar. they are the songs you shake your sweaty ass to at the clubs. i don't think i've found this year's perfect songs, (stereogum has an interesting post (and even more interesting comments) about what this year's song of the summer will be), but i have three nominations for three very different songs...so far.
first up, is an artist who the mp3 blogs have been wetting their pants over for some time. next are a bunch of guys who sound like they would be great fun to drink pints with. and finally is a catchy earworm of a song (with, i can admit, not the world's best lyrics) that i'm still trying to figure out whether or not it's for real. any suggestions for summer songs? pass them along.

lily allen - ldn
cazals - poor innocent boys
jamie kennedy & stu stone - circle circle dot dot