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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sunny songs for a(nother) rainy day

another rainy day, another slight reprieve from what is forecasted to be absolutely crushing heat and humidity for the rest of the week. when the weather gets to be that sort of sweltering there is only one thing to do: stick an ice cube down your shirt, put on some good summer tunes and wait for it to pass, while you sit as still as you can. while i am unable to stick an ice cube down every ydb reader's shirt, i can provide you with some more summer songs. some new, some old, some that you may remember from this commercial. regardless, i can pretty much guarantee that you'll get that summer feeling when these tracks are playing.

lupe fiasco (feat. pharrell) - kick, push (remix)
de la soul - roller skating jam named 'saturdays'
jim noir - eanie meany