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Thursday, July 06, 2006

super mope!

as i was driving home yesterday, my ipod once again proved itself a sentient being, as it chose the perfect 3 songs in a row to fit not only my mood, but the overall feeling of bittersweet dejection on the faces of the portugal fans i drove past. it's strange, because i never would have put these three songs in a category together. they don't really talk about the same subject matter (although i suppose an argument could be made that they actually do). they certainly aren't the same style of music (well, unless "indie" is now a style that encompasses everything not on top 40 radio ad nauseum, in which case...please hold on a second while i vomit). but no matter any of that. last night, they were perfect. i hope they'll work out for you too.
(i should add that there was a movie shoot downtown last night. i drove past it. they were shooting a riot scene, but it was eerily quiet, which was weird, when coupled with the music coming from my car)

john wesley harding - i'm wrong about everything
the weakerthans - watermark
black rebel motorcycle club - shuffle your feet