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Friday, July 28, 2006

wet your pants!

from time to time, i like to let my less mp3blog-saavy readers in on what's been getting buzz, and i also like to have you readers weigh in on whether or not these bands are worth the buzz they've generated. today is one such time. i've been listening to these songs/bands for awhile now, and i don't know if it's the hype or the music that affects me the most. in some cases (and i will not tell you which ones) i think the hype has completely turned me off of the band. in other cases, i may be giving them more credit than they're due.
now, i know there are a lot more people reading this than just alisha and audra. so today, here's the deal...just comment and say hi. if you're feeling especially generous (or opinionated) then weigh in on these bands and how buzzworthy they really are.
also, notice the addition on the sidebar of a link to ydb's myspace. it's true, we're jumping the bandwagon with a shark. feel free to friend us and come along for the ride.
also, because i don't want this to turn into my first novel, i'm not going to get into the history of the bands, so please be sure to follow the links and find out something you didn't know before.

midlake - roscoe
cansei de ser sexy - let's make love and listen to death from above
ratatat - kennedy
cold war kids - hang me up to dry
hot chip - the warning