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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

another hip hop mish mash

everyone's been discussing their feelings on the yet to be released dj shadow album (the outsider). there doesn't seem to be a consensus on anything, save the fact that it seems like a departure from his previous releases. well it is. i can jump on board with that assessment. but does that necessarily mean it's a bad thing? i'll give you a track from the new album, and a remix of a track from an earlier one. you decide if there's a significant change in quality...or just a significant change.
and then, since endtroducing played such a big part in my reawakening to my appreciation of hip hop in late highschool (after a steady diet of all indie rock, all the time), i decided to throw on another (remixed) track from a band that reminds me of highschool, and then, to keep up with the absurdity of the end of yesterday's post, a track from the band i saw (opening for wesley willis (RIP) no less), on the evening of Sept 11, 2001.

dj shadow (feat phonte) - backstage girl
dj shadow - the number song (cut chemist party mix)
jon spencer blues explosion - bellbottoms('old rascal mix' by u.n.k.l.e.)
grand buffet - candy bars