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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i'm home. i was actually home late on sunday, but i spent yesterday pretending i was ready and willing to go back to work. as such, there was no post. half because my brain was still in vacation mode, and half because...well, pretty much the whole reason was because my brain was taking some time to catch up with reality. all this school business is a lot of work, but i suppose it will be worth it in the end, when i take over the world, one well planned party at a time. (look out mr. diddy, i'm comin' to getcha!).
on my trip i got to thinking about perfect airplane music. i think that junior boys pretty much take the cake (although i would be lying if i said i didn't listen to girl talk and mandy moore (obviously with michael stipe...)) then i came home to a bunch of emails (including one that sebadoh fans should get excited about), and found some more music that i wish i had on my trip. so here are some selections, in case you're heading anywhere by plane anytime soon. the junior boys got me through a 3 hour delay and plane switch in atlanta, and i suspect they (plus some chris price as well). there's something about moody (and yet subtly upbeat) electronic based music that suits airtravel. maybe it's our penchant for future living, maybe it's some sort of core need to feel plugged into the technology, or maybe it's just that it's good music, and that good music makes all the crap that comes along with travelling, just a little bit more tolerable. regardless. it's good stuff.

chris price - and she was
junior boys - so sleep
junior boys - in the morning

also, if you have ever had a question that you were itching to ask the members of sebadoh, i would suggest that you send your question along to me, pronto