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Friday, August 04, 2006

grab bag

as the title would imply, today is sort of a mixed bag. (mostly because i need to run around and do things before i have to go to work, but also because having a coherent theme every day is hard work). first of all, from the mailbags. i have to admit that i am inclined to like juiceboxxx before i even hear a single bar of music from him, based solely on the fact that his vicious pop records album is called r u there god?? itz me, juiceboxxx. luckily, listening to it, i'm not disappointed. seeing as i have been listening to a lot of ninja highschool and girl talk lately, this track fits in nicely:

juiceboxx - thunder jam #3

next up there's the new track (via pitchfork) from local heroes junior boys. i have to admit, it took me two full listens to get into it, but i really like it. again, i think it would fit into my current playlist nicely, albeit during the evening drive home portion.

junior boys - in the morning

next...well, i have to apologize. for the amount of time i spent in michigan between the ages of 10 and 17, you would think i would have more of a finger of the states musical pulse. sadly, i don't. but i'm working on it, and to that end, here's tally hall. you have have seen them on the late late show with craig ferguson earlier this week. and if you did, you either thought a)they were really good, b)they were sort of weird, but still good c) hey! they're all wearing ties, d) the ties are different colours e) this song is catchy or f) holy crap, who makes a list this long, just give us the song. ok. here is is.

tally hall - good day

and finally, if someone can tell me where i got this aaron lacrate remix of lily allen's smile that would be awesome. i'm still on the fence about how i feel about it...at times it seems like it's trying to hard, and then it sort of turns into a gaybar house anthem...i don't know. decide for yourselves.

lily allen - smile (gutter mix)