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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hold the wheatgrass

thefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my college roommate, michimi. be nice, or she'll kick your ass

hold the wheatgrassI recently moved to Victoria, BC; land of flowers, tourists and everything British. The west coast is known for being green and mountainous. It’s also known for rain, methamphetamine addicts and Birkenstocks (guilty). In music, the west coast likes to lure me in with cutesy indie-pop acts with lots of clapping. Or hip-hop that makes me wanna shake my ass at random men. Actually, my music experience here in BC seems to primarily consist of me narrowly missing seeing my favorite acts live (I had to miss the spectacular Sasquatch Festival for starters). But I refuse to be defeated! And personally I’m not sure how anyone who lives here for any length of time could stay pessimistic for long. So here’s a sampling of west coast love from me to you:

Swollen MembersToo Hot
Imperial Teen - Ivanka
Lyrics BornCalling Out
Tegan & SaraTake Me Anywhere

…and in case you’re like me and can’t get enough of this guy:
Lyrics BornStop Complaining sorry, the mp3 has gone awol...i'm working to get it back asap