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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hot DAMN

for the summer, i'm working at a pool. in case you haven't noticed, people tend to flock to these places when it gets hot out. the last few days, a lot of people have been a-flocking, and as such, i've been sweating. (because the ironic twist is that while all of these people are going swimming to cool off, the staff is working in sweltering conditions. i'm not complaining, understand, just pointing out the irony). so it should come then, as no surprise, that the hot weather and the heat are pretty much the only things on my mind as i try to soak up every last bit of central air before i head to work. please then, excuse the complete and total lack of creativity today, as i present to you: some songs that either have the word hot in their title, or were done by artists with the words hot and or heat in their names.
(i promise tomorrow to show more creativity, the temperature is supposed to drop considerably by then).
did i miss a hot song or artist? then you should probably let me know (and know that i intentionally left off snoop, foreigner and van halen...mostly because i thought le tigre and peaches might kick their asses)

sonic youth - hot wire my heart
peaches - hot rod
tiga - hot in herre
hot hot heat - bandages
le tigre - hot topic
the lovin' spoonfuls - summer in the city

not sure how i forgot to include this, but i did...