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Thursday, August 31, 2006

it's almost the (long) weekend

i've got some tracks today that you might want to pop in your car stereo, just so that everyone else can know that you have good taste. there's really no thread tying anything together (although if you can find one, i'm all ears), they're just good songs. right. now. as for the lemonheads, well, evan dando and the crew will always have a special bit part in my heart, mostly leftover highschool memories, and mostly good ones. the teddybears amuse me. i have no idea why. and the rapture make me feel much cooler than i actual ever will be. so there you have it. go out and play.

the lemonheads - no backbone
teddybears - punk rocker (squeakeclean remix)
the rapture - whoo! alright yeah...uh huh