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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

keep it on the DL (not THAT way)

so let's just not to get into it, but i think this week, my posts will be short on talk. (not that anyone's here for the reading: mp3's are like porn, and i know that none of you are here for the articles...sadly, i can't get away with wearing my pyjamas all day, but other than that, i'm practically hef).
anyway, here are 3 tracks today that are full of hype, and for once, it seems pretty warranted (except the pharrell track, i don't know that it got nearly as much hype as your average hip hop album, but seeing as this track features kanye, i think i have a natural inclination to think that it must have been hyped to death as the second coming).
regardless, if you haven't yet heard these songs, today's your lucky day. get 'em while they're hot.

the rapture - get myself into it
pharrell (feat. kanye west) - number one
beck - cell phone's dead