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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

little bro's big shot at fame

thefuzzymethod's on vacation with old people this week, have no fear though, ydb isn't dead. there's a whole whack of guest bloggers filling in. today, it's my little brother (although he's taller than me now). like michimi, he hails from the westcoast.

(guess who is who in this picture)
this being my big shot at saying something that people will listen to Iwanted to highlight some bands and music that I like that don't really get the attention I think they deserve. Most of this music I just happened to come across randomly in weird situations. Take Song About an Angel for example. I first found out about Sunny Day Real Estate from their contribution to the Batman Forever Soundtrack (I kid you not). Since I liked the song (it's funny, but I can't even remember what it was now), and I was an impressionable youth, I bought a couple of their albums. It turned out that my failed attempt at being cool actually got me some music I really liked. This song I can only describe as an epic. It's a rather long song, but it kind of crashes down like waves.

sunny day real estate - song about an angel

This next song came about from a random search on the Internet. I had just found out the name for this music I liked, so I just put in a search and I found The Juliana Theory (unfortunately I recently discovered the band has called it quits ). This was one of the first songs I heard of theirs and I can identify with it as it seems to be about someone who has a friend who doesn't think before they act.

the juliana theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me Would You Stop?

The last song, I heard on The Zone (Victoria's answer to Toronto's The Edge). It didn't really get overplayed which was nice. Whomever is singing it seems so confused yet so self empowered.

straylight run - Existentialism on Prom Night

All Alone on the Beach
(yeah, that's right, it's me at the Pacific Ocean)

I hope these songs bring you some of the randomness they brought me. Perhaps you will go and look for some music like this and stumble upon some great music of your own....

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