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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

none of these things have ANYTHING to do with the other

the title pretty much says it all today. there is no theme. there is no vague string tying it all together. it's just stuff that has either found it's way to my inbox or my ipod, and it's stuff i think you need to hear.
i'll ease you into it with something that should sound familiar. (if not, either you don't watch tv, or you have commercial induced fits of tv remote ADD). from the band teddybears, whose album Soft Machine will be released on september 12th. good time music. indeed. (and yes, if you feel the urge to crack open a heine, we're right there with you)

teddybears - cobrastyle (feat. mad cobra)

next is an inbox submission. normally i would sit on things like this and think for awhile about when and how to post about them. but for all the references and namechecks on their myspace, bel auburn makes me think of the heady days towards the end of highschool when shoegazer pop was all the rage. these guys are about one phaser pedal away from being a more melodic and uptempo sianspheric (and believe you me, that can't be a bad thing). they have an album coming out next week (august 14th to be exact), and while i will be spending my days on the beach that week, surrounded by the elderly, i have a feeling this track will be getting some decent rotation on the ipod.

bel auburn - metropolitan (watercolor)

(ps, there are more mp3s here, but remember, if you like what you hear, support the band...especially since these guys are doing it all themselves)

finally, comes (no pun intended) one of my guilty musical pleasures. robbie williams, no matter how cocky the man gets. no matter how big a head he gets. no matter how ridiculously tongue in cheek the lyrics are...i think he still manages to pull off what justin timberlake is trying to do with sexy back, except that to robbie, the whole thing is a joke, because the sexy never left to begin with. give it a try.

robbie williams - rudebox