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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The open-chord tuning saviors of alternative rock...

a few weeks ago i got an email that the 16 year old me would have wet her pants over. i was asked if i wanted to interview sebadoh. why? well, sebadoh iii has been re-released, and if you have no idea what i'm talking about, well, i'll throw in some tunes at the end of this whole thing so you can see what all the fuss is about. but if you're here to read the interview, you shouldn't really care so much about what i have to say, as what they have to say. so here it is:

so do the rest of the guys play the no doubt to lou's gwen stefani?
or are there no divas in sebadoh?

jason: We were democratic divas all.
eric: Please stop it! Side splitting laughter. We're all Divas! I mean Devo...

how weird is it to know that you've been the inspiration for many a highschool slacker's english presentation? (and how many have you actually seen?)

jason: I did now know this, and have seen none personally. I once did an analysis of Husker Du's "Lifeline" for a paper.
Then I dropped out of school.

eric: It's really weird, beyond strange actually. I haven't seen any of these slacker english presentations, hopefully i'll be invited to one in the near future.

j mascis got his love in with broken social scene and guests at the olympic island show recently. what new blogosphere darlings (if any) are you itching to play a show with?

jason: Deerhoof. I am lucky to be getting my wish soon as Fiery Furnaces (I am a member of the touring band) are doing shows with them in October

eric: WTF? Do we speak the same language? Where is Olympic Island and who are 'broken social scene' and why should i know or care? Blogosphere Darlings is my new band name. Thank You very much!

heard any good/dirty jokes lately?

jason: Q: Why are indie hipsters so bad at karate?
A: --Because they cant get past the white belt.

eric: Yes, at your expense and i'm not telling. Jokes on you. Ok, here's one I made up last September after flying into JFK during Hurricane Ophelia!

Q) What is the least favorite song in New Orleans right now?

A) Katrina & the Waves "Walking on Sunshine." Pretty funny, huh?

what's your most unbelievable story from the sub pop years?

jason: During our initial meeting with them, they made us a financial offer. And because we hesitated for a few seconds, they doubled it.

eric: Being pulled over by two state police cruisers in Austin, Minnesota with Lou driving and smoking pot and popping pseudo-ephydrine truckstop pills. The only thing that saved us was the a stack of Puncture (OR.) magazines with us on the front cover, from a color slide i mailed in. One of the troopers after seeing the zine asked for one and for me to autograph it for his daughter! This incident was after the very last show I played with Sebadoh, in Seattle. Jason and Lou drove non-stop to Northampton, in about 60 hours.

with this reissue, it's almost a given that anyone who cut their indie rawk teeth during the 90s will be falling overthemselves to
proclaim their longterm love for you guys. that being said, seeing as you don't have any songs taking centre stage on the oc, veronica mars or grey's anatomy, do you think the new, younger generation will adopt you as the saviours of independant music, or brush you aside because you aren't on the same label as deathcab? (for that matter, what's your take on popular teen shows being used to break indie bands these

jason: I can only hope that someone hears "III" and gets excited about it.
I dare not try to understand todays indie music scene, as it has evolved into something that seems nothing like it was when I was coming up.
What is accepted as "exciting" or "interesting" is totally off the charts of my personal asthetics.

eric: I liked being brushed aside and brushed. It feels good. I have never watched any of the television shows you mention. Is that how the growin babies of the 80's find out about new music?

being canadian, i have to ask what your favourite canadian tour
destination is

jason: Montreal. For the poutine and the architecture.

eric: I would like to sing accapella in the Labatt's beer factory after hours. No, really...I played a show in Vancouver with Sebadoh once. I've been to Toronto and Montreal, how about wherever Sasquatch is hanging out?, that's where I want to set up a show.

and finally, the question on everyone's mind, what are your top 5
albums right now?

Om - Variations on a theme
Flipper - Generic
Deerhoof - The Runners Four
Nashville West - Nashville West
Camp Creek Boys - Old Time String Band

eric: My record player's broken, I don't buy CD's. My next record, "Uncharted Waters," is my current favorite. Destined for release in September on Old Gold (Atlanta, Georgia) and Handmade (Oslo, Noway) Records.

so there it is. if you want to support eric go here, if you want to get to know jason better, go here, if you want to get the reissue, go here, and if you've been sitting on a couch for the past 20 years and think that there was no life before deathcab, take a listen to what sebadoh was doing when you were still in diapers:

the freed pig
gimme indie rock

the sebadoh site
the obligatory myspace link